“…pensare in italiano e produrre per il mondo”


Fabiano Ricci is an entrepreneur and footwear aficionado at heart. He loves shoes, and has a precise, yet dynamic idea about them.

An idea that has developed over the years, acquiring focus and strength without ever compromising on the foundations and craft of footwear making, following clearly defined rules and keeping the accent on creativity.

Fabiano Ricci applies close attention and intuition to changes, reshaping them in keeping with his own personal vision.


Fabiano Ricci’s personal and professional roots are deep in the soil and heart of the Marche region, located at the center of the footwear industry triangle.

This is a land in which Fabiano Ricci recognises his origins and from which he draws his inspiration, as he designs the future and presents it to the world.

It is from here that he has set out to conquer worldwide horizons, from Europe to the Far East, travelling far and wide without ever abandoning his homeland.


Season after season, Fabiano Ricci increases his effort to invest in the best selection of materials while refining craftsmanship and techniques which require growing importance. These efforts result in defining his supreme sense of sophistication across all footwear styles.

On-going research, with a constant eye on progress is evident in each of Fabiano Ricci’s complex and original designer collections.

The collections range from classic and casual footwear with sophisticated styling to sneakers with a refined allure.

The choice of colours is always perfectly balanced – sometimes unusual or with a tongue-in-cheek twist, never garish.


The early Nineties saw major changes that left their mark on our history, and it is no coincidence that they were the years during which Fabiano Ricci decided to effectively shape his own personal ideas of men’s footwear, founding the company that bears his name and embarking upon an origin and authentic process of development.

The years have passed, events have succeeded one another, yet the memory remains as fresh and alive as ever.


To preserve Italian craftsmanship and excellence by linking the footwear traditions of the past with the future.

To respond to the needs of those that look to trends and those that seek to develop their own original concepts.

For those who are, and will forever remain, their own person.

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We are pleased to communicate our participation at the trade fair 9 - 11 July 2019 - Hotel Westin Chosun, Seoul. We are pleased to inform to inform you we will be present at the event Moda Italia and Shoes from Italy - Tokyo, 2-4 July 2019. We are gald to inform you that we are going to attend the Micam show fair september 15th- 18 th 2019.

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